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61% of marketers list improving SEO and search engine rankings as their top goal. [HubSpot, 2017]

Building a new website in 2021 should be all about getting found and converting visits into actions, but yet for some reason, it isn’t. There are a large number of websites launching every day which very clearly do not have the correct content structure to assist search engines in ranking them. This is aside from the technical aspects of optimising for search engines, which sadly also appear to be an afterthought on too many sites.

Why this is the case is difficult to determine. It may have something to do with the understanding of the fundamental purpose and use of a website – it is no longer enough to simply be an online ‘trust point’. It is a real waste if the site cannot be found by a simple search of its major function; and remember, this is what the function is to your user, not to you – people don’t search for ‘recruitment’, they search for ‘jobs’!

At flocc, we have an integrated digital marketing process which we apply to all aspects of our work – and our websites are all built as a network of connected SEO friendly landing pages rather than the traditional top-down approach. All web pages are built with the key purpose of getting found and creating action to make every click count.

Top tips for optimising your website:

  • SEO should form part of an integrated digital marketing strategy.
  • Search Engine and Conversion Rate Optimisation strategy should always come first and NOT last, as they are fundamental to the website.
  • Review your content and structure to determine if it is saying the right things for your audience, not what you say internally.
  • Have a longer-term strategy to plan, review and adapt your site to maximise SEO and Conversion rate as well as your Paid campaigns.


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