SEO is more than being seen at the top of a search

Get Found &
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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

is neither just a ‘nice to have’ or something to add to your completed website. It is one of the biggest pieces of your marketing jigsaw puzzle and needs to be tackled with a clearly defined strategy for customer intent.

Make every click count.

To stand out from the ordinary and to convert your hard earned visitors, each of your landing pages must be created using a good mix of psychology, brand, technical expertise and a sprinkle of magic.

How we make your SEO get results

  • Market Insights and Analytics. Who exactly are your customers, what do they want and how can they be reached.

  • Keyword Research and Strategy. Finding the high quality keywords that people are actually looking for and using them well.

  • Content Structure and Creation. Turning the insights and strategy into a perfectly formed network of landing pages.

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“We have had loads of new enquiries after changing our landing pages towards what our customers are searching for”

Julie B

Head of Engagement

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Our Digital Marketing Approach

Our specialist integrated digital marketing process, combines and refines just the right blend of Landing Pages, CRO, SEO and PPC to create maximum customer value and competitive advantage.

Green Process Diagram | flocc digital marketing Cambridge and London

Always together, never apart



Identifying the true problem to be solved based on the collective experience of our team, our clients and their customers.



Developing a strategic plan to move from the current state to towards the future vision using the right combination of marketing tactics.


Conversion Design

Utilising our optimised digital marketing process and AI tools to design and build a great solution to be continuously tested and improved.



Using our agile approach to failing fast and learning from the results, the solution is made live to customers and tested.



We see all solutions by their nature as being in a continuous ‘beta’ and they can always be improved by evaluating and understanding the data.



Evaluation leads to the insights required to make the key changes towards the end goal, feeding an update to the strategy and a new loop.

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