UEA Alumni


Identity, Illustration


Alumni bunnies

Playful illustration to celebrate the UEA

The Alumni team at UEA are the guys who keep former students involved with the University after graduation. They come to us to help them find new ways of keeping alumni engaged and create a consistent theme through their marketing channels.

We needed something that would resonate with only UEA Alumni and remind them of their time at university… of course, our first thought was the infamous campus bunnies! Our design team have given the bunny a playful twist, creating bespoke illustrations to promote different celebrations, events, materials and communications throughout the academic year.

These illustrations are both fun and nostalgic, and our skilled illustrator gives the bunny a personality to fit with every new occasion. New bunnies will be bouncing across social media soon…



Graduate UEA each year and become alumni. Keeping them in contact with the University via the alumni team is hugely beneficial for both student recruitment and funding opportunities.

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