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Intellectual Property Brought to Life

We were approached by the Law School at the University of East Anglia to create an App based version of an existing offline game to learn about Intellectual Property law. As with all projects, we started with planning and specifying the problem as the offline version contained some intricacies that would not work in the online world.

Our design team set about creating a new brand and visual feel for the game, including a character called ‘Justin’. We spent time working through the exact game requirements, producing an initial prototype for review by the client. The end result is a wonderful learning tool for use by students to fully develop their understanding of a complex subject.

IP Game | flocc Creative, Digital Marketing and Design

We determined that the game would only be used when an internet connection would be available, particular as the requirement for being multi-player was rated as a must-have. This opened up the development possibilities and our team were able to use the JavaScript game engine, at its heart alongside a React front end.

IP Game| flocc Design, Creative, Digital Marketing Agency
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