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MTV Shuga

Changing perceptions and behaviours

MTV Shuga is an award-winning TV drama that first aired in 2009 and went on to become an international hit. The show was the driving force behind a multi-channel campaign to raise awareness about responsible sexual behaviour for young people across Africa. 

We worked in with designer Rich Brown to build the web pages at the heart of the campaign.  Needing to create something that lives up to the hype of the TV series and with engagement being the key conversion goal, we focused on UX to encourage interaction, making the experience fully immersive and relevant.


Key statistics

  • 70

    Countries Worldwide

  • 719M

    Households Reached

  • 42M

    Social Media Engagement

The  MTV Shuga website helped the global marketing teams to make sexual health engaging and accessible in numerous languages. Off the back of the series’ success, MTV launched shows in Ivory Coast, South Africa and India, as well as a special series during the 2020 pandemic. The show is viewed by over 719 million people across 70 countries with an estimated 100 million in India alone.

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