Simply put, your hotel is a place for guests to come and rest their heads before venturing out to enjoy the sites that the local city has to offer or head on down to that important business meeting they’re attending nearby. When you market your hotel you’re doing it to sell your rooms and increase the number of bookings you get, but it’s also your responsibility to sell an experience.

It’s something that we’re seeing a rise of in recent years, people aren’t just down to have a mundane experience these days, they’re looking for somewhere that they’ll leave feeling completely satisfied. It’s your job now to act as a guide (or a storyteller) for these guests, and you can do so through content marketing.

Content marketing is ideal for improving brand loyalty and trust, when people know they can go to you as a credible source for both information and entertainment, you know your content is hitting the mark.

Each hotel is unique, and your selling point might be different from the next, but if you can focus on the audiences that you know are interested in staying in your hotel you can make the best decision on what the right content is for them. Remember, people want to see stuff that’s relevant and valuable to them, your aim should be to catch their attention through your content so that they’re persuaded to stay with you and even recommend it to others.

It’s not just about blog posts

You can be selective or open with the channels that you choose to market your content on. Most people think that you need to focus all your efforts on creating content for a blog page, but this doesn’t necessarily work for everyone, nor is it always the best option. There are a variety of ways you can appeal to audiences, such as email marketing or social media, it really depends on who you’re marketing to. If you do decide to start a blog for your hotel’s site, a great advantage is being able to then distribute that content to your other channels in formats that suit them.

You need to know what people want to see

Is your hotel somewhere that receives a lot of business travellers as guests? Are the majority of them staying for a night or two to then head back home? To appeal to guests of this nature you want to take a look inside their minds (not literally) and figure out what information they’re going to find useful.

You should have a general idea of your target audience and if you don’t, it’s something you’ll need to define. We know that all guests won’t be the same, but it’s smart practice to market to multiple audience segments - most people generally stick to around 3. Once you can identify these segments you can determine which content is going to drive the most traffic to your site.

Key point: content marketing is not about promotional messaging or providing a ‘sales pitch’. People don’t want to come to your blog or social media to be inundated with advertisements, they want to see content that is engaging and enjoyable to read.

What types of content should you be creating?

Content is essential for integrating SEO into your site, which has numerous benefits for your brand. Not only does SEO increase visibility in search engines but it also aids in building credibility as a business that provides valuable and informative information for prospective guests.

Your hotel, no matter how small or big, will have a percentage of guests that visit from out of town. These guests will want to know the kinds of sites they can see and activities they can do in the local area, so it’s your turn now to be their guide, the “know-it-all” on all the great local spots that shouldn’t be missed.


“Our favourite hidden spots in…”

“The best local dishes to try in…”

“Take a local tour around…”

“We rate the top Italian restaurants in…”

“The best breakfast spot in…”

“Get the best views from…”

You’ve got the local area content to a tee, let’s think about the alternative kinds of guests you may be seeing at your hotel. Business travellers and people visiting to celebrate an occasion, such as a birthday or hen-do. These kinds of guests will be highly drawn to how-to’s and guides, which will give them easy-to-read advice on topics relevant to them.


“How to prepare for a business conference”

“Public speaking: the best tips to overcome your fears”

“Our guide to the best hen-do spots in…”

“How to celebrate your birthday in style in…”

These are just a few of many potential content ideas for your hotel, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t just stick to written content

As you may have guessed, not every user will want to spend their time reading through lots of written content. To keep users engaged and drive more traffic through SEO, develop multiple forms of content creation through images, videos and audio. For example, a video series that follows your concierge around their favourite spots in town, or a podcast where industry experts discuss relevant topics.

The key takeaway is that content marketing is vital in your hotel’s strategy, not only does it deliver great results such as credibility and trust, but it helps to encourage new guests and retain existing ones. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, 82% of marketers are actively using content marketing, so why aren’t you? If you feel like you don’t have the time or resources, consider hiring an expert to help you create exciting new content. Fill out our contact form or give us a call today.