Get More Heads Into Beds

We all know that Online Travel Agents can be a really useful tool to help to fill your rooms, but that direct bookings are always better!

With FLOCC you can get the best of both worlds with your very own micro-OTA!

We focus on showcasing what makes your hotel unique for your kind of people and our system can even plug straight in to your booking engine for up to date availability and direct bookings.

With both subscription and commission models available, FLOCC is the ideal partner for your hotel.

Our system is aimed squarely at maximising your direct bookings. Here's how:

Paid Search (PPC)

The internet is a competitive place and your hotel is competing in the backyard of the large OTAs. To be found effectively, it is crucial that every click translates into an engagement and this takes skill and dedication.

Our Hotel Ads specialists invest in high-quality traffic generation on your behalf by targeting specific audiences on Google Ads and optimising your Metasearch listings. Done well, PPC for hotels can generate some of the highest click-through and conversion rates of any industry.

Landing Pages

Your guests are worth every click. The right user experience will make sure that they find your pages and convert once they are there. We have designed and built an eco-system of landing pages to ensure that your hard-won web traffic doesn't go down the drain.

We don't stop there though! Every page can always be that little bit better and we dedicate our time and energy to continually optimise everything for conversion.

Photography and Video

Amazing imagery and video can make the biggest difference for guests choosing your hotel over everyone else. Our team finds ways to bring out your best features and highlight your personality and brand story. We produce fresh, engaging photography and videos that will let your hotel show itself off to its very best.

Local SEO

SEO is a key pillar of digital marketing which requires constant adjustment. It's a competitive world and Online Travel Agents make it even harder to really stand out above the rest. But for hotels, there is an added twist.

Most keyword searches will feature a location, so the 'map pack' is the place to be seen. Google has its own specific algorithm when assessing which hotels should appear beside its map, so the type of SEO you need differs a little from the norm. Don't worry though - we have this covered!

Paid Social

Hotel social ads are all the rage these days, and for good reason. Studies have found that they can lead to an increase in direct bookings by up to 15%. But with new privacy laws now on board, it may be time to start thinking differently when attracting potential guests online.

As Instagram and Facebook specialists, we develop both a creative campaign to engage a wide audience and a remarketing campaign with a clear call to action and dedicated landing pages.

Analysis and Reporting

We know that a good campaign starts and ends with an understanding of the numbers. We will make sure you are fully up to date with all the relevant KPIs, facts and figures whether you are working with us on a commission-based or subscription model.