Validate your campaign strategy in four days, with a Design Sprint.

Your Plan to Find Your People

Strategy Design Sprints help you to solve the big challenges, create new campaigns, or improve what you already have; quickly, iteratively and effectively using a tried and tested workshop process.


Working together with your team, we design, build, test and evaluate a prototype with real users, ensuring the long term success of your digital marketing campaigns.

The Design Sprint Process

Developed by Google Ventures, the Design Sprint process is a step by step methodology that solves the big problem affecting organisations and marketing teams in just 4 days.

By gathering the right group of experts, the process saves both time and money by making clear decisions, aligning knowledge and facilitating innovation.

The ultimate aim of any design sprint is to reduce risk by “failing fast and learning faster”; producing fully working campaign prototypes to test with real users before launching to the world.

  • Understand

    Day 1

    • Define the challenges
    • Set the key goals
    • Identify potential solutions
  • Investigate and ideate

    Day 2

    • Bring together the best solutions
    • Vote and decide
    • Storyboard the prototype pages
  • Prototype

    Day 3

    • Design and build landing pages
    • Setup paid campaigns
    • Review and set live
  • Evaluate and Learn

    Day 4

    • Review the results of the test
    • Plan the next steps

The Outcome

It's not just 4 days of time...

  • Fully functioning prototypes for testing

  • Heatmap and screen recorded user insight

  • Defined and tested strategy and next steps

  • Team alignment and group decision making

  • All assets available for future use

  • Platform for growth's complete alignment of your digital marketing vision and strategy

We love finding our people.
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“The strategy Design Sprint process was amazing! We got a shared understanding of our key strategy so quickly and efficiently”

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Our Digital Campaign System

Our bespoke digital campaign system kicks off with a focused Design Sprint; providing the strategy for combining CRO, SEO, PPC, pillar and landing pages to find your people. We blend just the right amount of each aspect to ensure that our digital campaigns make every click count towards getting found and creating action.

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