Find your people using the best of

We use compelling, joined up, digital campaigns to attract and engage your kind of people. Our bespoke approach combines and refines the very best of SEO, CRO, PPC, pillar and landing pages for two purposes:

Get Found

Before you can talk to your people, you need to find them. Standing out from the crowd isn’t easy nowadays and takes that little extra something.

Create Action

Conversations get better the more you have of them. Our process is refined to help your people take the important step of turning a click into a relationship.

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“We discussed our challenges through with the flocc team and they just got on with making a difference for our company!”

Ella P


How it All Works


Our digital campaigns are made to find your people. You may already know who they are and perhaps where to find them, but we’ve learned over the years that the folks who make your brand a success are also sometimes the last people you’d expect.

We work with you to define your perfect customer, develop the perfect pages and ads to attract them and content to keep them engaged.



Planning and Strategy

Everything starts with what kind of people you’re looking for, where they are, and how we are going to start the conversation. We’ll define goals and timelines, so you can track how we’re doing.


Creating the Machine

With a firm direction in place, we build the machine that is going to find your people, and more importantly, help them find you; whether that’s with PPC, SEO or content creation.


Compelling Content

People like brands that help them without expectations. Create something that people want, something that makes their life easier, and let them come to you.


Start Your Engines

Whether it’s loud and proud, or subtle and suggestive this is where the magic happens.  We’ll be right there, tweaking, optimising and ensuring the most bang for every single buck.


Always improving

We are always looking at the numbers, the so what and the now what. Then we’ll think differently, make the changes, and go again, bigger and better.

Our Digital Campaigns

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Our digital campaigns aim for:

  • 95+

    Lighthouse speed score

  • 8%+

    Conversion Rate

  • <5

    SERP Ranking

  • 5%

    Annual improvement

  • 4:1

    Return on Investment

  • 100%

    Delighted Customers

... or better

Lean and Agile


Two important words you will hear us drop in to the conversation at key points, which blend nicely with our Lagom philosophy. We use both of these slightly geeky and technical approaches as an integral part of our approach so that you can always be assured that you are getting the most work from us for your budget.

If you like geeky and technical, you can see a bit more on our knowledge base or just ask any of the team.

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